Seven things I learned from writing this book.

Number 1


True friendship is about not imposing yourself on friends but making yourself available. There’s a really important distinction.

True friends don’t try to fix you. True friends are the ones you can call at four a.m. when your heart’s breaking.

Number 2

Life’s Purpose

Your life may be a long journey and you may sometimes feel lost but you have to trust the road even when it’s bumpy, shrouded in mist and

you’re unsure of the way. You have to stop worrying about where the journey will finish. It’s important to let go of the outcome and stay

with the process of living. You need faith because you need to live and to learn from your life experience. If you lived in the knowledge of the

outcome, you’d learn nothing.

Number 3

Living in the Present

It’s where you are now that counts Where you were yesterday is history and where you’ll be tomorrow is pure supposition. We’re only

alive now!! I believe we have to make mistakes to find out who we are not before we know who we are.

Number 4


Don’t chase success in the belief it’ll make you feel fulfilled. Look at those reality television shows. Seeking fame and fortune for its own sake is an illusion. Just go where your heart takes you. Free yourself to follow your dreams and then all the trappings of success (whatever success means for you) will be yours anyway.

If you are different, why not embrace it as a gift rather than fearing it?

Number 5


Communication is the key.In answer to the question “What does it take to have a successful marriage?” Groucho Marx once said My wives didn’t understand a word I was saying. In fact that’s the secret of a successful marriage. Find a husband or wife who speaks a different language. I believe communication and speaking up when something needs to be shared rather than bottling it up is the key to a successful relationship.

Number 6


I learned that being different isn’t about being different at all, it just means being myself.

It takes a few seconds to say it, but it’s taken me years of struggle to understand it.

Number 7


Change can only happen when we accept who and where were are. The what then follows.

We can only change to become who we are and not who we are not